Alison & Jay, Thank you so much for your great work helping us finding our new home!  RE/MAX is the best because of you!


We have used Jay and Alison Hazelwood as our realtors twice over the past few years.  They were always willing to answer any of our questions and never made us feel pressured to make a decision, it really felt like they had our best interests at heart and wanted to see us in the place that was right for us.  They were constantly keeping an eye out for different options to view based on our requirements.  They both went above and beyond to help us find our home and make the whole experience easier on us.


We have recommended the Hazelwood Team to several friends as we were extremely impressed with the service provided – everything from home inspector, notary, tips regarding the type of mortgage, reputation of the building – really just information on everything first time buyers need to know. Many thanks Alison and Jay!


Kathleen and I are extremely grateful to you for your outstanding professional support in helping us find a new home as strangers to New Westminster. Our gratification includes peace of mind, reflectively confident that we have found the right place, and satisfaction that we have been very well served. As you obviously know, as an ‘out of-towner’, one is battling against pressures of time and a deep underlying anxiety given constraints financial and contractual that come to bear in this situation. We only had four weeks in Vancouver and the indisputable fact is that you delivered for us. What seems most important looking back is that you listened, were always alert, attentive to where we were, letting us make our own mistakes but always guiding never pushing, rather ensuring that we had proper and sufficient information and were aware of the pertinent community and real estate issues. It speaks of course to your long experience in the field and the area itself but also to your mature and sympathetic understanding of what is essential for good decision making. You adjusted readily to our limitations in availability, were ever-willing to meet us, pick us up and patiently pursue the agreed agenda for the day. Your manner was always pleasant and inviting but as well, straight forward, the information clearly and concisely presented. Beyond that, always the sense that the communication was honest, with our best interests in mind, continuously giving evidence of an ability to empathize, to take in and process who and where we were at – one example being your request to Jay to come all the way into Vancouver for signatures on the second offering, knowing our exhaustion and frustration over problems with the first offer, also the pressure of our commitment to our son’s family – our grandchildren. In other words, working with you was always in that context of personal affiliation and never the cold calculation of an impersonal business transaction. Not that the professionalism was absent. It certainly was there in high order but seamless with a natural and human sensibility. This is all a way of expressing our indebtedness to you and our warmest wishes for your continuing success and professional advancement.


Jay has an honest, quality-driven approach to getting you into a new home, or out of an old one!